Adrian Mercer

Last scion of the House of Mercer


Human Cleric, 22 years old, Diety: Pelor,

Nephew to the ruling Lord Mercer, he was saved from the Fall of the House of Mercer by the monk Samuel Solworth the family kept in the keep for the image of piety.

The night of the Fall, Monk Solworth fled, stopping only to retrieve one of the only untouched members of the family, the infant Adrian, and retreated to the Monastary of Pelor on the west coast of Caladan.

Adrian was raised among the monks, where he learned their fighting style and sense of purpose. He was bequeathed the treasured Radiance, a mace with a spiked gold head.

He now wanders in the hopes of atoning for the sins of the Mercer name.

Adrian Mercer

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