Player: Alex “House” Dzurik

Eladrin Wizard

A young blond eladrin dressed in red leather with gold edging, Ashferiel is a war wizard charged by his people to investigate powerful sources of magic. He carries a distinctive style of spellweaving which has left him suited for the rigors of the world outside arcane libraries. He wields an eladrin longsword that acts as the channel of his magic, augmented by ritual. With preparation, this allows for fast evocation in battle.

Ashferiel’s first investigation was the magical disturbances detected on the Mercer Estates just before the Fall. When he arrived at the keep to investigate, he was imprisoned by Lord Mercer under false charges.

He was released on the night of the Fall by Captain Garret Grey, a man whom had doubts about his employers.

He has spent the last 20 years in the corners of land ferreting out wondrous events and practitioners too arrogant for their own limits of power.

He works as the liason between the eladrin and the Kingdom of Caladan, as well as an inducted member of the Kith’arion Company.


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