Captain Garret Grey

Player: Alex “House” Dzurik

Human Warlord

Age: 52

Captain Grey was the chief officer of Mercer Keep, despite his unease and suspicions towards the family. He was employed by Lord Mercer for his tactical expertise and led successfully in skirmishes against the orcs of the Blood Hills and nomadic barbarian tribes.

The night of the Fall, the majority of the guard fell to unknown forces before mobilization. In his final act as Captain, he released the prisoner Ashferiel and ordered the remaining soldiers to flee.

20 years later, he works as a mercenary tactician. He wears a trimmed beard to cover scars across his lower face.

His previous employment before work with the Kith’arion was as a company commander in the borderlands of the Duchy of Thule, near the holdings of Baron Lear.

Captain Garret Grey

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