Merciful Arena

Dormant some time due to the ban on “highly fatal” games, the popularity of the arena, and the legality, has come back due to recent developments in warding and healing. Death rates for gladiators has actually fallen beneath adventurer for most lethal profession. Unfortunately, being left alone for centuries has caused the building’s infrastructure to deteriorate some, and so will have to be closed within the week for “quite some time”. To give the populace something to talk about during repairs, Caladan has announced that for this last week, the arena will be open and operating all day and night. This announcement has forced the crown into keeping the arena open even when fans begin disappearing in the structure…

In the labyrinthine underbelly of the arena, a blood mage had been bidding his time, harvesting the blood from arena gladiators. He began kidnapping spectators to build up a reserve for the time when the arena was to undergo renovations. A team of Kith discovered the hidden trapdoors leading down to the blood mage’s lair where they encountered vermin enchanted by the mage, and then the mage himself with his minions, thralls, and terrible blood constructs. They dispatched the mage, freeing all but one of his captives and putting an end to his plots.

Run by: Ben Drda

Players: Greg Angle (Tom), Graham Boechler (Marcus), Alex Dzurik (Grey), Dennis Malloy (Ana), and Chris Chanelli (Kat)

Merciful Arena

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