Nomadic Invasion

As of late, the Iron Hand Tribe has been sending raiding parties further into the territories of the Kingdom of Caladan.

While they have been looting for the purposes of supplies, surviving witnesses have also reported the barbarians to be search for something in particular…

The Iron Hand sacked Gildenfield, led by a flame haired sorceress to find a black mask shrouded in dark magic. Horrible evils were unleashed upon the town, including the crazed Reaver, a man turned horribly violent by an ever burning sigil placed on him.

The Kitharion led a counteroffensive to expel the barbarians from the city and gave chase to the central encampment. There members of the company met Golgoth, the cunning goliath that ruled the Iron Hand, along with his lieutenant, the sorceress known only as M. Golgoth activated the mask and used it to control the Obsidian Guardian, a powerful golem.

The company slayed the goliath, though at the cost of a member of their party. M, believed to be dead, revealed herself once more, carrying the mask and a large black broadsword. She revealed herself to be the living agent of the House of Mercer, and that she used Golgoth to collect scattered Mercer artifacts.

She escaped in fire, vowing that the “gratitude” of House Mercer would be visited upon them all for their part in her plans.

Nomadic Invasion

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